Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Good Gaming’s AMERICAS Open 33

Prize Pool $100.00

Pool Type Fixed

(1st - $50//2nd - $30//3rd - $15//4th - $5)

Detailed Rules


  • Tournament will go LIVE 4PM PDT/7PM EDT, July 19th, Wednesday.

  • Check In Phase: 20 minutes prior to Tournament going LIVE.

  • All matches will be played on the AMERICAS Region servers.

  • All Hearthstone Tournaments held by Good Gaming will be played for 3rd place in the final round.



Prize Pool Total: $100 USD (HCT points)

1st:  $50 (5 pts)

2nd:  $30 (3 pts)

3rd:  $15 (2 pts)

4th:  $5 (2 pts)

5th-8th: (1 pt)



  • Payment Option emails requesting payment information will be sent 2-3 weeks after Tournament completion to the email the player registered to Good Gaming with.

  • Players must reply back with their Good Gaming username as well as their PayPal email address to each Payment Options emails separately.

  • Payments will only be sent via PayPal internationally.

  • All prize money will be paid out at 30 days or so from the tournament’s completion.



  • All Good-Gaming Tournaments are ENGLISH ONLY Tournaments.

  • Best of 5 -- Last Hero Standing. 3 Deck, No Ban.

    • Loser has to pick a new deck. Winner stays with winning deck.

    • If you lose with a deck it is eliminated from being played again in that series with opponent.

  • Single Elimination Tournament. STANDARD Duel Challenge.

  • Players must report ONCE for each game loss. If it does not register, contact an Admin by [REQUEST ADMIN SUPPORT] or Discord.

  • Players MUST TELL AN ADMIN if they are FORFEITING or DROPPING after they have checked in. Otherwise, report 3 losses to eliminate yourself from the Tournament.

  • All players must provide a screenshot proving they only have 3 decks, 1 of each class, playable at the Challenge Screen. All other decks are made unplayable.

    • Please review penalties in Clause 2. Tournament; Section 2.1. & 2.2.

  • Images can be uploaded up to imgur/Gyazo only to send links to opponents or Admins, screenshots may also be sent through Private Message to opponents or Admins on Discord (https://discord.gg/aa5DXd3).




1.1.  TO CHECK-IN: You must go to Tournament page and click “Continue” next to the Tournament you are entering. Check-In will start 20 minutes prior to Tournament going LIVE, if you do not Check-In within that time you will be dropped. When Tournament goes LIVE, there will be another prompt to Ready Up, where you will receive your opponent and their BattleTag.


1.1.A. YOU MUST READY UP when tournament goes LIVE. STAY on the Check In page and you will receive your opponent if your opponent Ready Up as well. Players are required to remain on the matching page for the duration of the tournament, so Admins are able to contact them. It is up to the Admin the allotted time to Players to respond.


1.2.   Admins are only required to contact Players on the Good-Gaming tournament page during a LIVE tournament or through Discord.


1.2.A.  Players and admins will be all together in Discord at:  https://discord.gg/aa5DXd3


  • Players may ONLY CONTACT Admins listed under the Discord Role: TOURNAMENT OFFICIALS.

  • Players may not contact any other staff member of Good-Gaming directly from the Discord server.


1.3.  After 10 minutes and your opponent does not accept friend request, Player is required to contact Admin about the tardiness. If Admin is unable to contact the Player in question, they will be disqualified for a failure to appear or respond to Admin. It is purely up to the Admin WHEN the Player in question will be disqualified for no-show.


1.4.   The Ready Up timer is PURELY to alert Admins when a Player does not show up. It does not compute to a “defwin” or automatic Disqualification when the timer runs out. The Players may alert Admins on Discord if the timer runs out and you do not receive your opponent.



2.1. Players are only allowed to have 3 playable decks, either by deleting the rest of the decks and/or removing a card and/or converting them wild.


  • Players are not allowed to modify their decks between games. (“Making/Editing a Deck”)

    • If a player is in "Making/Editing a Deck" status before challenging opponent and going into share phase of screenshots of their 3 playable decks, no penalty applies.

    • If a player challenges their opponent and opponent cancels challenge to go into "Making/Editing a Deck" status, that will result in a game loss.

    • If a player challenges their opponent and shares screenshot of their challenge screen lobby of their 3 playable decks, opponent cancels challenge and goes into "Making/Editing a Deck" status, that is an automatic disqualification.

  • If it can be proven that decks were modified from editing decks, from VODs or screenshots, it will result in a disqualification.


2.2.  A screenshot of the deck selection lobby in CHALLENGE screen must be sent to each respective Player/Opponent.


2.2.A.   If you start to play your opponent regardless of not receiving a screenshot or despite your opponent having more than 3 playable decks, you are accepting that the screenshot was received or is valid and no penalty will be applied to your opponent.


  • If you or your opponent is in CHALLENGE screen, and one player has already shared screenshot of Lobby with their classes, neither player is allowed to cancel challenge to browse collection. This MAY result in a game-loss.

  • All classes with multiple decks are unplayable in the series.

  • If there are more than 3 classes with a single deck, then the Opponent can pick which 3 classes the Player in question will be playing in the series.

  • If there is less than 3 classes with a single deck, then the Player can only play these classes.

    • EXAMPLE: Player has Mage/Mage/Shaman/Warrior deck in Challenge Screen. Mage is eliminated and he/she starts automatically with 0:1 disadvantage.


2.4.  The winning player of each game is required to take a screenshot of the Victory. Loser report losses PER game on the website’s Tournament page.


2.4.A. If the loser does not report all losses in the series, winners MUST submit all THREE Victory screens to an Admin to be moved forward.


2.4.B.   If a Player eliminates themselves from the tournament due to over-reporting losses, they are eliminated from the tournament and can not be brought back in.


2.5.  If a player disconnects and is unable to reconnect it counts as a game loss unless the (A) the player who disconnected can prove they had lethal on board or (B) opponent agrees to replay the game.


2.6.  If a player queues up an incorrect deck, they must concede the game and the game will be replayed using the correct deck.

  • If a player queues the wrong deck twice in the same series with opponent, that is a default win for their opponent.


2.7.  Players that stream may or may not use a delay at their own risk. Good-Gaming will not be held responsible for "stream-sniping".


2.8.  You are not allowed to set your in-game client to Busy/Away.





3.1.  Should it be determined that a Participant commits, or threatens to commit violent acts or severe verbal abuse against any other player in the Tournament, any admin, or any spectators of the Tournament, or engages in any unsportsmanlike behavior. The player will be subject to game/match losses and disqualification from current and/or future Tournaments.


  • PLEASE NOTE: Unsportsmanlike Behavior will be up to the Tournament Admins to determine.

  • Abuse whether verbal and/or written against an Official or Staff member will not be tolerated through any medium. This includes, but is not limited to, voice communications in game or client (Discord/Skype/Teamspeak, etc), written messages on Good Gaming Forums/emails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Violators of this rule may be disqualified from the Tournament.


3.2.  Use of the [REQUEST ADMIN SUPPORT] button is only for bringing an issue to the admins attention.  Abuse of this button can result in disqualification from current and/or future Tournaments.


3.3.  ANY REPORTS OF UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT: Depending on the severity of the report you may get a warning/game-loss/disqualification. If Admins give a warning that warning will stick with you throughout the entirety of the tournament. Second report of Unsportsmanlike Conduct will result in a game point loss or disqualification depending on the offense.


3.3.A. Admins are NOT REQUIRED to tell you that you have a warning for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Unsportsmanlike Conduct that is submitted at the end of series is still counted towards the Player’s record and will be reviewed/kept by all Admins. All evidence of Unsportsmanlike Conduct will be counted from that tournament and on to future tournaments.


3.4.  Tournament Officials have the final decision in all matters regarding this event. If a player refuses a Tournament Official’s ruling, it may result in a game-loss or disqualification.


3.5.   Tournament Officials reserve the right to modify rules to ensure fair play.


3.6.    If a Player is proven to delay their match or bracket whether by arguing with an Official on a ruling, lack of awareness of rules, killing Hogger, malicious roping or abusing the grace period, this might result in a game-loss or disqualification. The show must go on.



4.1.  HCT points will be distributed accordingly by Blizzard.


4.2.  HCT distribution will apply if as of November 7, 2016, you are a legal resident of one of these following countries:

  • EUROPE: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, State of Qatar, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

  • AMERICAS: United States, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

  • ASIA-PACIFIC: South Korea, Taiwan (including Hong Kong and Macau), Japan, Australia and New Zealand, and Southeast Asia (including Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam)


4.3.  Bans from Good-Gaming may result in a ban or loss of HCT points from Blizzard.


4.4.  HCT Rulesets will apply accordingly:



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