Heroes of the Storm Free Weekend

Written By: Tom Johnston
Jan 10,2017
Heroes of the Storm Free Weekend


Heroes of the Storm is getting a free weekend. Odd, right? The game is already free to play, so how can it have a free weekend? Well, this weekend all of the heroes will be available for you to play, which is pretty cool if you wanted to try the game out.

This promo comes almost directly after a previous promotion. With the Genji crossover event just coming to an end, this new promotion has come no doubt to create a snowball effect to keep people playing. With new characters being pumped out every month, Blizzard are pushing for Heroes of the Storm to really blow up the same way Hearthstone and Overwatch have. They are understandably invested in the game since they spent many years building it, reworking it, and even went to court with Valve over the name DOTA.

Blizzard’s recent success in other areas just hasn’t transferred over to Heroes of the Storm the way they wanted it to. This was supposed to be their big hit and with Hearthstone coming out of nowhere and Overwatch being a salvage operation, you can’t help but wonder if this is Blizzard’s last ditch attempt to lift this game to a comparable scale.

Either way, you can play all the Heroes this weekend from the 13th to the 16th, and if you haven’t played it then this would be the perfect time to try it out since you can see what each hero can do first hand. It’s also a great opportunity to return to the game if you want to play with some of the new heroes like Varian, Ragnaros or Zul’jin.

Author: Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

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