Scalebound Cancelled

Written By: Tom Johnston
Jan 10,2017
Scalebound Cancelled


Scalebound, Platnium Games’s action RPG with dragons, has been cancelled. My heart shattered. Scalebound has been in development for the last few years, being worked on by Plantium Games, the guys who gave us Metal Gear Rising, Vanquish, The Wonderful 101 and other games with crazy, over the top and deep combat (sometimes).

The game was being produced by Microsoft for the Xbox One and PC and was slated to be one of their major releases of the year. The game was about a spunky protagonist who was rough around the edges (no doubt lovable deep down) and could morph into dragon armour. You would fly around swinging a sword and cutting up bad guys. The big twist with Scalebound was your dragon companion. This guy wouldn’t just ferry you around, he would fight with you. You could command your dragon, in the middle of the fight, to make an attack or take evasive action. It mattered too since if the dragon died, so did you, so there was a gameplay element tying you in to make you care and work with the dragon to the best of your abilities. The game didn’t look perfect, but it had flair.

But forget all that because it isn’t coming out. Unfortunately, Microsoft today announced that the game had been cancelled, saying to major news sources that, "After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound." The game had already been pushed back to 2017 after initially having a 2016 release. Plus there had been no real showing of the game since E3 last year, which was definitely off for a game that should have begun drumming up hype. Microsoft have not commented on why it was cancelled and maybe we’ll never know.

Author: Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

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