Smite “Clash Royale” Rivals is an Original Character

Written By: Tom Johnston
Jan 07,2017
Smite “Clash Royale” Rivals is an Original Character


Hi-Rez Studios have gone ahead and revealed their mobile game based in the world of SMITE. SMITE is their third person MOBA that’s been around for a while now. The game works by flying troops down on of your three lanes and managing your resources in all three until you exhaust your opponent and take victory.

The game’s art direction looks unsettlingly similar to Clash of Clans, so much so that I find it hard to believe that it was a coincidence. Not only that; the game is an almost carbon copy in gameplay to Clash Royale. With the three lane system and playable cards for the player to use to send out troops, the game is so close to Clash Royale it makes Smite Rivals look like one of the many cheap mimic games that litter the stores. There’s so many though that they probably assumed no one would notice… or care. The game is multiplayer with both an online and local multiplayer available.

The game is coming for both mobile devices and the PC and, while it does look intriguing, it just seems like the same old thing coming for mobile and other free to play software. The choice of mechanics, the art style, it all forms a blob of the usual that may get you to click download but won’t have you stuck around for long.

This is just my initial interpretation and I can’t see the game breaking new ground, but nor do I think that the game has been made with that in mind. To lure you into clicking “download” when it does come out, there’s a Loki skin that you can only get if you download and link your SMITE account. You can see the trailer for Smite Rivals here.

Author: Tom Johnston

Tom Johnston

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