New Member?

At Good Gaming, we are aware not all who become a member to join one of our tournaments have ever competed in an eSports tournament. To ensure you, our member, have everything you need to join a tournament, we have provided this quick checklist of what is needed.

Join a Tournament

So you've registered for the Good Gaming site and now want to join a tournament, here are some quick tips to make this an easy and enjoyable experience:

  1. Read the Detailed Rules for the tournament you wish to join. They contain a lot of valuable information and directions.
  2. Make sure to have your in game credentials on your Good Gaming Profile, this is so you can be identified by both tournament admins and represenatives of the game's eSports divisions. You can edit your profile by clicking "EDIT PROFILE" on your MY PAGE.
  3. Depending on which game the tournament is for, there are specific pieces that you must enter if the field requires manual entry. Those are:
    1. For Blizzard Games: Name-Hashtag-Number, example: Joe#1234 .
    2. For Steam Games: Your Steam Username. If any issue arises you could be asked for a URL to your Steam profile.
    3. For League of Legends: Your Summoner Name.
    4. For XBox Console Games: Your XBox Gamertag.
    5. For Playstation Console Games: Your PSN(Playstation Network) ID.
  4. Join the tournament.
  5. If you run into any technical issues with the Good Gaming site, click the blue "Need Help? Feedback? Click Here." tab on the right of the screen.
  6. If you need additional help regarding participating in a tournament, you can contact tournament admins at the Good Gaming Tournament Discord: Tournament Discord
  7. And above all else, Have Fun!
  8. For a more in depth explanation of everything Good Gaming Inc has to offer on our website see our New Users Guide

Need Help? Feedback? Click Here.