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GG Pro-Decks Paradigm: April 2017 (S37)

Author: Spark Views: 913

Welcome to the Good-Gaming Pro-Decks Paradigm Report for April 28th, 2017. This series aims to offer...


Valeera's Guarden: Plant Rogue Deck Guide

Author: Brodos

Rogue is once again a Tier 1 Deck but lately all the buzz was about Quest Rogue while the new...


Dinomancy: The Veterinarian Lesser Heal

Author: sigma

When Dinomancy was released, it definitely seemed as one of the most interesting cards of the set to...


Hearthstone Global Games: Un'Goro Influence

Author: Zansher

Hearthstone Global Games The Hearthstone Global Games are a unique format to the Hearthstone...


Deck Tech: Elemental Shaman

Author: Spark Views: 4,424

With the release of Journey To Un'Goro, the domination of Midrange Shaman finally ended. However,...


Deck Guide: Aggro Token Druid

Author: Brodos

In this standard meta, there's no' real abundance of aggro decks to choose from, although we still...


Let's Talk About Mirage Caller

Author: RainbowBunny Views: 1,843

Welcome to the first part of the “Let's talk about” series! In this series some cards which...


Journey To Un'Goro: Top 5 Legendaries (No Quests)

Author: Brodos Views: 254

So the first month of Un'goro is almost over and we can finally see how the meta unfolds. Today we...


Adapt Infographic

Author: OtakuMZ

Adapt is a very low profile mechanic. Although it discovers a buff, the variance is much less...


Weapons of Un’Goro

Author: Brodos Views: 598

As we are flung back to the dino age we are definitely in need of defensive tools to get by in the...


Deck Guide: Freeze Mage

Author: minntzu Views: 4,702

Freeze Mage before the rotation Before the release of Journey to Un'Goro Freeze Mage was a complex...


Heroic Adventure Guide: One Night in Karazhan Part II

Author: sigma Views: 4,807

The Party carries on! ...is what we would all love to say if Medivh didn't get himself kidnapped! We...

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