Triple Tank Meta: The Standard Composition

Written By: Spark
Jan 09,2017

In the most recent competitive tournaments, professional teams chose to go for a standard triple-tank composition most of the time. This metagame is due to the crazy healing potential of Ana and the good damage provided by these tanks overall. This composition just brings so much sustain to the table while being versatile enough to deal with many situations.

From this point, a standard composition emerged with some changes here and there depending on the maps and adjustments teams had to make.

This composition runs the following heroes : Ana, Lucio, Reinhardt, Soldier 76 and a mix between D.Va, Roadhog and Zarya depending on team preferences mostly.

Main Support : Ana

Ana is the main reason this composition works so well altogether. She has an incredible ability to keep the tanks healthy and provides good utility overall.


The biotic grenade is one of the most powerful ability in the game, healing your allies and buffing the healing they receive afterward, while damaging enemies and preventing them from being healed.
As the enemy teams also runs a triple-tank composition, this ability is generally aim to be used against the enemy tanks to allow your team to take them down. The best scenario is when your tanks are fighting in the enemy’s line and you can put both effects to use.

The sleep dart is very useful control tool, although it can be hard to aim properly. It can stops enemies ultimates entirely or take a tank out for a fight. It is very good against your counterpart as well because you can prevent a nano boosted target from destroying your team.

Finally, nano boost is a good offensive tool that you should be able to farm up quickly thanks to your incredible healing capabilities. In the current meta, it is generally used on Soldier 76 with his own ultimate. However it is also frequently used on Reinhardt, allowing him to swing the hammer like a madman. D.Va is a good target as well and combining it with Roadhog’s ultimate can deals a good amount of damage, but it should be used carefully as a crowd control would counter two ultimates at the same time.

Second Support : Lucio

Lucio has always been a staple in the meta. Its passive auras make him very reliable as he just has to keep allies around him to heal or speed them.

Amp it up can be used to increase your healing when many allies are low on health but is generally used as an engage tool with the speed boost to allow your team to get quickly into the fight.fpeb7yCzPp7UGKvrVdyhh48eGhMWTETox3Qolz4dx1CX8IC0iyBO2jrvRJdq5IHOPbKMeE7Dsuw2iv3NuBLy6JbLIAA5ZQOqgzD7pFc0OMiv5hnCZTVIuBN_-VWVakAC-3rhu3OY

Sound barrier is a very powerful ultimate that can be used both defensively and offensively. It can answer some ultimates like Zarya’s graviton surge or Genji’s dragon blade, but will also be effective to make your team more sticky while getting into the action with speed boost.

Zenyatta is also seeing play from time to time at this spot. He doesn’t provide as much utility but brings some more damage to the composition. His discord orb is incredibly powerful against to make the tanks more vulnerable, especially Roadhog since he doesn’t he can’t protect himself properly. Its ultimate is a good defensive option as well but Ana’s grenade can annihilate it entirely, so you should keep that in mind when using it against a Zarya’s ultimate for example.

Finally, we are now seeing some Symmetra being played at this spot. She is only used to defend first point on some maps but seems to be appreciated. Her photon barrier provide a good defensive option and allow Reinhardt to regenerate his shield more often. The shield generator is a very solid ultimate, making your team way more sustainable. This is generally the prefered choice but the teleport can also be used if your team needs to get back onto the point fast after a bad fight.



Main Tank : Reinhardt

Reinhardt is also a staple since the beginning of Overwatch. His ability to soak up damage with barrier field is too good to ignore. It allows team to push together or defend without having to back off all the time. Besides that, his ultimate is one of the best crowd control in the game, allowing great engages or countering threatening ultimates.

Communication is key with that hero, you need to synchronize with your team when you have to drop down the barrier so they don’t get caught off-guard. Charging at the right time is also very important as you will be taken down very quickly without follow up from your team. Earthshatter timing can also be pretty tricky since you will have to play the mind game with your counterpart by getting your barrier off and on again to bait him.


Second Tank : D.VaE0ESLh6YUm4Br9Z1RzDr67fcns-NNrUYp1klAzp-4j-4pd7yZ_p0Ke9tanMNFvyLjW_cddCQazuQ3YH5epXYLU-JOgeuh6jT0jJaaLP_IMr-3imwkdOOCsUlCZKN8xckEIiGVN7H

Since her recent buff, D.Va has emerged into the meta. The increased life pool helps staying into the mech longer and the increased movement speed while firing is better for extended fights. Her second life is very useful for stalling and the human form weapon is decent to poke for some damage at long range and get back into the mech quickly.

Defense Matrix is an awesome ability to complement Reinhardt’s barrier. You can get it off and on as much as you like, giving headaches to your opponents. It allows D.Va to get into the action with her boosters while absorbing shots and can also absorb ultimates like Zarya’s graviton surge or Mei’s blizzard.

Finally, her ultimate is a good threat as it can zone people from wide areas, allowing your team to secure objectives. Remember that you can use it after the boosters to throw it like a bomb into the enemy’s backline, which is very useful to take away the supports. It can also be combined with Reinhardt or Zarya ultimates for some crazy team wipes.

TMhzjiXfQkKEZLvHkhQn_oZRa0447LBxvGi452l5YcDfekVQvKpEWKXEqsKzeAU-vebVb9rlxWZktMzhym0f-cLekvMjc_B6elBUaYn3D7F4eLlllfVniEQCV7eexuAnKnJPqzXIFlex Tank : Roadhog / Zarya

The last tank is generally chosen between Roadhog and Zarya, even though some teams are dropping D.Va to run those two from time to time.

Roadhog is generally the favored choice because of its ability to pick off heroes pretty fast. He is also very useful to destroy Reinhardt’s barrier as its right click deals a lot of damage at mid range. In the end, he is more like a DPS with a big health pool and a self-sustain ability, besides that he doesn’t bring any damage mitigation to the team.

Zarya is also a very solid off-tank. Graviton surge is one of the most powerful ultimate in the game and she also brings a lot of damage at high energy. Managing her barriers is key to achieve that, generally using particle barrier to charge up early on and saving projected barrier to make an ally escape from death (for example when a Roadhog hooks him). Finally, her ability to threaten D.Va’s mech is really good as she can’t absorb your beam and losing her mech means losing her utility.

Damage Dealer : Soldier 76nV5dwHIEyMA-nk-YSqbPV4vhDmkQlgJ0EuVZPvF7yDRn_kQe0OCFZ8_vBpcBCLOr8NBNMkJP2uqbe4_5YOpfkOW9rVFcBn2E7N61ozjlI8IHqvw1_BgXKBX96SIhxL6b6-opeXHD

Finally the damage dealer comes in. With the last buff he received, he became the best option for this spot. He has access to self-sustain, deals sustained damage from range and can add some burst with the helix rocket. Finally his ultimate has a very good synergy with nano boost!

Other options are also seeing play from time to time. Some teams are opting for Pharah to deal sustain damage from far away, while other may run Genji or Tracer in some situations (mostly control maps).

Finally, we have also seen some team choosing to go for the full tank package, running Reinhardt, D.Va, Roadhog and Zarya for some incredible sustain while not lacking so many damage. Who needs DPS when you have tanks ?


It is no surprise that this composition is chosen so often because of its amazing sustain potential while maintaining solid damage overall. Until Ana sees a notable change, mostly on the biotic grenade, the metagame should stick with triple-tank as it is just too solid and versatile.

Author : Morgan ‘Spark’ Cherioux

Spark is a Legend player on Hearthstone and a Diamond player on Overwatch. Deep understanding of the game and exploring strategies is what he enjoys the most about gaming. He loves innovating and sharing knowledge, so follow him for more content.


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Author: Spark

Triple Tank Meta: The Standard Composition


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