Kazakus Infographic (Standard - Kraken)

Written By: OtakuMZ
Jan 07,2017


Kazakus, the leader of the Kabal, is the single most interesting and probably the most impactful card released in Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (MSG). He enables you to create your own custom spell, which is awesome by itself. After slamming him on the board, first, you must choose between 1-mana, 5-mana or 10-mana spells, depending of the situation. After that, you discover two ingredients out of a total of ten (nine for the 1-mana spell) that you combine to the final Kazakus Potion. When playing your custom spell, effects will resolve in the best sequence for the caster.

So Many Choices... 1-, 5- or 10-Mana?

                 +1-Lesser Potion.png+5-Greater Potion.png+10-Superior Potion.png


The cheap option is in case you need a quick answer, normally against aggressive decks or a weakened board. The 5-mana one serves as the cookie cutter. This is the most common option because it will provide best tempo for reasonable cost and can be played on curve. The most powerful custom spell is the value option for slow matchup. With this 10-mana spell, you can squeeze the last bit out of Kazakus, but at a steep cost that does not necessarily reflect the increase in power level. It is also mostly too slow outside out of a control or mirror match-up.


More Choices - Ingredients

Kazakus_Art and Ingredients.JPG

There are a total of ten ingredients for each of the three mana slots to be discovered, with the exception of Mystic Wool, which is not available for the Lesser Potion. Effects range from Armor, summon effects, transformation, and buffs to single- or area damage, freeze, card draw and card generation. There is no static rule to which ingredient is best because situations in which the leader of the Kabal is played vary widely. There are a few rules of thumb though:

  • Goldthorn is only good if you have either a decent board or get it alongside a summon effect, whereas the “summon x friendly minions” is normally more powerful than the “summon a x/x demon”.

  • Icecap is one of the lesser desired options

  • Beware of 10-mana Mystic Wool, your minions get transformed too


Last thoughts

Kazakus is amazingly powerful. If you have the time, try to play him when you know what effects you want rather than playing him preemptively. You also want to try to get additional potions through synergy cards to prepare for various scenarios and get further ahead of your opponent. Finally, don’t get greedy, 10-mana is often not the best option!

Bonus - Kabal Chemist

There is another card from MSG that provides potions. The card is not as exciting as as the other Kabal cards and not complex enough to be worth a post on its own. Therefore, it will get added as a bonus to Kazakus because it fits the ‘potions’ theme. Kabal Chemist will let you randomly draw, not discover, one out of the ten potions available. Each specific potion will have a 10% chance of being added to your hand.

Author: Martin ‘OtakuMZ’ Z.

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Author: OtakuMZ

Kazakus Infographic (Standard - Kraken)


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