About Us

As the creative minds behind Good-Gaming.com, we would like to provide some insight on our humble beginnings. The idea spawned three years ago as a result of a narrow World of Warcraft™ Rated Battleground loss, due to poor technique and several key mistakes made by a shoddy pick up group. This struck a chord with us collectively and rather than dwell on the classic "You can only carry so hard" mentality we thought, "Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to bring people together, educate them, and to create a new, higher standard of competition, and by extension a new pedigree of eSports athlete." So, over the next two years, we pulled together like minded individuals, while watching eSports explode into the spotlight. We built a list of how we'd like to see the eSports community become more cohesive through detailed research of our platforms and software. More importantly, we had a goal. Give the world a better gamer and a means to behold those gamers. Based on that goal, we built the formula that is our Watch, Learn, Interact platform. It became apparent to us that these three seemingly mundane actions are the key to becoming the best. So whatever walk of life you hail from, never forget that there is a champion in everyone that we aspire to help awaken. Gaming, at its core, is meant to be fun, but it also stands to be a lucrative endeavor for those willing to undertake the challenge. We took the risk… we're reaping the rewards… now it is your turn!

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