About Us

Our Goal

Give the world a better gamer and a means to behold those gamers.

Based on that goal, we built the formula that is our Watch, Learn, Interact platform. It became apparent to us that these three seemingly mundane actions are the key to becoming the best.


Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

David Dorwart

Executive Consultant

Vik Grover

Chief Operation Officer

Tim “Theude” Bergmann


Chief Technology Officer & Founder

Don “GGTechyGuy” Wilson


Department Leaders

Director of Content

Kristina “Gorawyn” Brock


Tournament Director

Hannah “Play”


Senior Developer

Alex Rambau

Technology Department

Junior Developer


Minecraft Server Admin

Adam “Fluxty”


Tournament Department

Assistant Tournament Director & Founder

Sam Schwieters

Tournament Admin

Brendan Crump


Tournament Admin

Blake Crump

Content Department

Assistant Director of Content

Morgan “Spark”


Social Media Manager

Tom Johnston


Hearthstone Video Producer

Ivan “Brodos”


Hearthstone Writer

David “Sigma”


Hearthstone Writer



Hearthstone Writer



Hearthstone Writer

Christina “RainbowBunny”


Hearthstone Infographic

Martin “OtakuMZ”


Hearthstone / GWENT Writer

George “Pestilentio”


GWENT Writer & Video Producer

Jakub “JJPasak”


GWENT Writer

Jernej “Gravez”


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